Jackson Detectives Cleared of Wrongdoing

USA vs. Bingham & McRee
Two former Jackson Police Officers were charged in Federal U.S. District Court with stealing drugs after a huge drug bust. The allegation was that twenty-seven (27) bags of crack cocaine were taken at the bust, and that several bags had their contents swapped from cocaine to a baking powder type substance before it was turned in as evidence. Even with the public awareness heightened with the allegations of police misconduct, Mr. Colette was able to successfully overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, and both Bingham and McRee were cleared of any wrongdoing because there was insufficient evidence to support the charges!


Client Obtains Rare Victory On Motion to Suppress

USA vs. Salazar
Often clients desire to have the evidence in a case suppressed because of alleged misconduct by the law enforcement involved in their case. This is what is usually referred to as the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine. However, it takes experienced and tenacious defense attorneys to fight the inherent credibility that law enforcement officers hold. In this case, Mr. Colette was able to prove to the United States District Court Judge that the officers involved had exceeded the scope of the traffic stop of our client, and further that the stop was not based on probable cause or reasonable suspicion, but rather based solely on the fact that our client was of Spanish descent! Profiling stops are per se unconstitutional. Because of Mr. Colette’ successful arguments, the judge suppressed the five (5) Kilos of Cocaine that were found electronically sealed in the bumper of the car driven by our client!

Man Charged With Statutory Rape Found Not Guilty

State vs. R. Smith
In this emotionally charged case, Mr. Colette was able to successfully show the jury that the “victim” in this case was not under the age of consent. The prosecution attempted to prove that the female was fourteen (14) years of age, but at the end of the day, the jury found our client NOT GUILTY, proving once again, that with effective representation, true justice can be obtained!

Teacher, Elisha Hughes, Acquitted of Murder Charge

State vs. Elisha Hughes

After experiencing the loss of her husband, Elisha was charged for being responsible for his murder! From day one, Elisha adamantly denied any involvement whatsoever, and after the combined efforts of Mr. Colette & Dennis Sweet, a highly respected Jackson attorney, the jury finally rendered a NOT GUILTY verdict. This case involved a total failure on the part of the prosecution to prove any element of their case against Elisha. Thankfully the jury was able to see through the smoke and mirrors put on by the prosecution, and at the end of the day, justice prevailed. The verdict was a result of Mr. Colette and Mr. Sweets relentless, determined and creative defense of Elisha.

Indictment Dismissed Against Healthcare Employee

USA vs. Latanicia McMillian
After enduring agonizing months of wrangling with the Government, and our client continually professing her innocence, the Federal District Court Judge granted the Government’s motion to dismiss the multi-count indictment against our client charging Medicare fraud. This case involved a scheme devised by the business owner, who was also an attorney and city judge, to defraud Medicare by hiring unlicensed physical medicine technicians who performed unsupervised physical medicine on elderly Medicare patients at the patient’s home. In addition, the business owner directed his medical billers to often bill Medicare three and four times the actual services rendered. The company billed approximately eighteen million dollars in a two-year period, and was paid approximately nine millions dollars during that same time period! At the time of this writing the business owner had pleaded guilty and was awaiting sentencing. Our client maintained from day one that, while she was an employee at the company, she was never involved in any planning or commission of the fraudulent practices, and that any misconduct was done solely by the “judge” without her knowledge or consent.

Attorney Involved In Mortgage Fraud Case Appeals; Trial Court Grants Rule 29 on Bank Fraud Charge

USA vs. Kimberly Castle
In a rare victory, Mr. Colette was able to successfully argue, over strenuous Government objection, that the evidence in this case did not support the charges relating to bank fraud. The Federal District Court Judge ruled that because the Government did not show that the banks involved, Countrywide Home Loans and Alliance Funding, were FDIC insured, there were no government funds at risk. Because there were no federal funds at risk, there was no federal nexus and accordingly no federal jurisdiction! In spite of glaring holes in the prosecution’s evidence relating to the remaining wire fraud charges, the jury eventually rendered a guilty verdict. That judgment is currently on appeal to the Fifth Circuit, and we are waiting for its decision.