Embezzlement Criminal Defense Attorney

In Mississippi, the act of embezzlement involves the criminal transference of one person's property by another person who is deemed to be in a position of trust.  It occurs when money or other assets are fraudulently transferred to another person by an employee, volunteer, or other involved party of whom responsibility has been given for the property, most often for personal financial gain.

In Mississippi, embezzlement generally carries the same punishment as the theft of property of the value or kind embezzled, with the embezzlement of public funds being a felony.

Examples of Embezzlement

  • A family member taking funds for their own gain from another relative they are caring for at any time.
  • The treasurer of an organization taking money from the account they are in charge of managing.
  • An employee in the financial department of a company taking money from various accounts in small increments for their own personal gain.

There are numerous situations in which embezzlement can occur, and each act is taken very seriously under Mississippi law. The amount of money or assets embezzled will be directly correlated with their jail sentence or other form of punishment, and can be classified as either felony or misdemeanor convictions.

Penalties for Embezzlement under Mississippi Law

Like most states, the penalties for those charged with embezzlement in Mississippi will vary with the amount of property in question. Embezzlement cases involving greater value amounts will involve larger penalties, while cases involving lesser value amounts will come with less. Most embezzlement cases are based on whether or not the property was valued at over or under $500, with those over the amount coming with felony charges. The penalties stemming from embezzlement charges are:

Embezzlement valued at under $500

If you have committed embezzlement of property valued at under $500, you will face:

  • Misdemeanor charges, a $1,000 fine, and the possibility of up to a 6 month sentence in jail.

Embezzlement valued at over $500

If you have embezzled funds or other property valued at over $500, you will face

  • Felony charges, a fine of up to $25,000, sentencing of up to 10 years in prison.

If you are under investigation for financial crimes, suspected of embezzlement, or have been arrested on a criminal complaint, contact John M. Colette & Associates today. We extensive experience representing those charged with embezzlement,  and will ensure that your rights are upheld.


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