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Medicare Fraud

Indictment Dismissed Against Healthcare Employee

USA vs. Latanicia McMillian
After enduring agonizing months of wrangling with the Government, and our client continually professing her innocence, the Federal District Court Judge granted the Government’s motion to dismiss the multi-count indictment against our client charging Medicare fraud. This case involved a scheme devised by the business owner, who was also an attorney and city judge, to defraud Medicare by hiring unlicensed physical medicine technicians who performed unsupervised physical medicine on elderly Medicare patients at the patient’s home. In addition, the business owner directed his medical billers to often bill Medicare three and four times the actual services rendered. The company billed approximately eighteen million dollars in a two-year period, and was paid approximately nine millions dollars during that same time period! At the time of this writing the business owner had pleaded guilty and was awaiting sentencing. Our client maintained from day one that, while she was an employee at the company, she was never involved in any planning or commission of the fraudulent practices, and that any misconduct was done solely by the “judge” without her knowledge or consent.