USA vs. D. Quinn
This was a situation that involved diligent and non-traditional criminal defense work by Mr. Colette. Whenever inmates are allowed face-to-face visitation at federal correctional facilities, they are allowed to use the common bathroom. However, after anyone uses the facilities, a guard goes into the restroom to ensure that no contraband was left in the restroom, including emptying the trash case each time the restroom is used. After our client used the restroom, a Yazoo FCI guard did his routine sweep, and found marijuana in the trash can. Our client was then charged with drug possession in a federal correctional facility. Mr. Colette argued that it is unfair to automatically assume that any contraband left in a general use restroom was that of our client. Other than the guard finding the marijuana, there was no other evidence to corroborate that our client was the one who had left it there. Accordingly, our client was found NOT GUILTY by a federal jury!